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Holy freakn Colorado BLIZZARD!

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i remember '82. i was still in grade school in Casper WY, (DR Hunt were you there then?) and my dad had to get up every hour to start the car so the gas would not freeze in the carbs. i remember the temps of -40 below zero for several days. they closed the schools. we had several winters like that. "The Siberian Express" coming out of Canada. brrrr



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It least your area is somewhat prepared for sucha thing. In 2000 we had a blizzard drop 24" of snow and ice on us here in North Carolina damn near all the way to the coast! We shut the world down if flurries fly more than 20 minutes here so you know we had a mess!! I had no power for 5 days and in the country no power means no water either and no where to run too when it is that bad...

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