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My wife is so fricken awesome! I got a TON of goodies this year


new ingersol rand 3/8 air ratchet and a crazy airhammer and about 15 extra chisels.. I got new mechanix gloves a bunch of scrapers and a whole bunch of misc tool like gasket scrapers and stuff I cant even remember At the moment!

then Today we went and she bought me a 49 piece impact socket set and a new 6 megapixel samsung digital Camera! Iam exctatic then she got her dad to buy me a new 1/2 impact gun and torque wrench.


I got her a labtop about 2 weeks early for christmas a present I guess she was happy with it! Ok iam off to the garage!!!

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(walnut and an orange) That is just a old saying meaning that I did not get $sh**.


I sold the signature Z in the late seventies to a lawyer from Daytona Beach.


A year later a guy from out of state came by my house that had bought it from the lawyer for his scholarship wrestling son that was about to graduate from Vanderbuilt or somewhere. He wanted to know what the tilt column came out of, so he could do some turn signal wiring. It was an Olds Cutlass column with Mustang II power steering and Nardi wheel.


Never seen or heard of it since.

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