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Now THIS is what the new Z car should have been!

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http://www.jalopnik.com/photogallery/zolfeorange/785867   seriously. look at it. it screams "DATSUN 240Z"

Ok... But what is it?   Mark

Guest 81na ZX
Typed the words right out from under me.


My thoughts exactly.


Good to know I'm not alone thinking TVR the second I saw it! Classic sweet TVRs not the crazy new ones...


Vixen or 2500M

vixen2.jpg or 001184-200603-000016big.jpg


Not Speed 6


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Paul, I'm going to assume that's the painkillers from your car accident talking...Maybe you were thinking of Go-bots, now THAT was a crappy cartoon! I can get behind the Looney Tunes, but I can't accept Tom and Jerry as viable entertainment...that's right down there with The Flintstones and the Pink Panther on the list of things that are just BARELY better than having your gums scraped at the dentist...


I was thinking this car looked a lot like an old TVR, but I don't understand why the ENTIRE z community is screaming for a lightweight minimalist retro Z, and Nissan just refuses to deliver...Other manufacturers seem able to do it, so it's not that it can't be done.


Ooopps. :oops: Sorry Max. I’m sorry if I offended you with my Transformers comment. :bonk: (as I struggle to remove my foot from my mouth as I stare at Veritechs Signature pic… ) DOH!!!

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I would cry if that orange car was the new Z!!! I think that one important thing is to keep the headlights at the same level as the hood. Not where they stick out above the hood like a porsche or those TVRs. I think Nissan should do what Dodge with the challenger and get did and get a old Z (instead of challenger) in the design room and make a prototype while looking at the car.


On those TVR's I think theyre all cool cars but the designers at TVR must of been smoking something when they made the speed 12, that thing is crazy looking!

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Gollum, If that's the case, we'll all be driving AE86 carollas again in a few years...Maybe we'll get lucky with this new Wangan Midnight cartoon sparking some interest in some nice cars...


Paul, I'll let it slide this time buddy, but as soon as I find some Energon cubes, the whole state of Oregon is going to get trampled under my giant robot foot! (except rontyler's house, he's still cool.)


And as far as modern cars looking like transformers, Transformers were designed to look like the cars of the day, so I don't know how much I agree with that. Look at the Gen I MR-2, the Celica Supra, the Starion, even the Z31. the chunky building block styling of most cars that came from Japan in the 80's just screamed out "make a toy out of me that turns into something!"

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