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Fuel Injector Upgrades/Swap


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I will keep this thread simple and easy to follow. Most of this information comes from searching and the research from other members.


The list isn't complete and there are some missing part numbers. I am just attempting to compile the information in an easy to read post. Please keep replies in the thread. If there are mistakes or additions that need to be made please post them and we can clean it up.


This list only contains the most common cheaply found injectors that seem to be popular. These are injectors that can be found in stock cars at the junkyard or searching through ebay. Don't limit yourself to just the ones listed since there are several other injectors out there that can be made to work. I tried to keep the list simple and with the ones with the higher flow rates.



Dropping in different flow rate fuel injectors without the proper knowledge or

fuel management system will cause your car to run worse and possible engine damage.


As a general rule:

10-16 ohms = high impedance (Saturated)

3 ohms or less = low impedance (Peak and Hold)


Low-impedance injectors are generally preferred for performance applications because they respond more quickly. The resistance between the two electrical pins can be measured with an ohm meter to find an injectors impedence. For more information on injector theory and impedence this link has good accurate information.



O-ring fuel injectors will need a different fuel rail in able for these injectors to be used. I suggest buying one from Pallnet if you decide to go that route. Here is his link.



This is a source for injectors that has proven reliable to members. I also have bought from him.

Motor Man Fuel Injection Supply


If your connectors are in need of replacement a popular upgrade is the GM style connector that can be found on numerous cars in the junkyard. Thanks Atlanticz for the link!



If you want stock crap connectors here is the cheapest I found. (.87c ea)

Del City


Here is a good page for more information with flow ratings of other injectors.

http://carsoft.co.il/page3/Electroni... a%20Table.htm




If your dropping in bigger injectors you will probaly need a new adjustable FPR and fuel pump. Walbro pumps are noisy here is a good, reliable, cheap pump from MSD ($94)

Summit MSD-2225


If your going to take the time to replace the fuel pump here is some more cheap insurance. Go get a $4 clear fuel filter (FRAM G3) and install it in your feed line before the pump. Z's are very bad for rusty gas tanks and this beats wondering what your filter looks like. Easy to do but here is a write up if you need instructions.

THANKS AtlanticZ


The good size fuel line is a -6AN feed and -4 return for a 350hp system, "but" if your going wild this might not apply to you. More on AN sizes.

AN Chart


If you are not sure what size injectors you need here is a helpfull chart but it's only to get you close.

HP to CC/LBS Chart


Also remember you don't want to run higher then a 80% injector duty cycle.

More info on duty cycle:


If your interested in converting cc to lbs or other fuel calculators here is a great site.



*Please remember there is conflicting data for CC ratings out there. Best bet is to get a set flow matched and tested prior to installation*



Toyota Supra 1987-1992 - This is an o-ring injector 11mm. Injector electrical clips need modification or swap. Use stock seals at manifold and not the Supra seals.

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

Turbo / 440 / Low / Black

Non Turbo / 315 / High / Green (stay away from yellow ones they are 295cc)


Ford CFI - Covers on the feed end of the injector have to be removed. You can put EFI hose on the end and connect with stock clamps to use as a barb style. Can be found in Mustang 5.0 engines, mid 80's Crown Victoria, Lincolns, etc…

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

1984-86 3.8L / 338 / Low / 280-150-402 / E3VE-A1A / Green

1980-83 5.0L / 437 / Low / 280-150-400 / EOSE-A1A / Blue

1984-85 5.0L HO / 503 / Low / 280-150-403 / E4ZE-CA / Grey

More info @

Merkur XR4TI / Ford SVO – Can be found in Merkur, Cougar, Thunderbird, Mustang SVO 1985-88 turbo models. Can attach a hose with clamp for stock fuel rail.


odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

2.3L Turbo / 370 / Low / E5ZE-9F593-AB / Brown (Stay away from green they are 315cc)


Mazda RX-7 - This is an o-ring injector 11mm. Late style injectors have similiar pintle ends to that of the 280Z that will fit properly. Early ones need the pintle caps removed or 17/64 bore in the intake since it is larger.

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

84-85 / 680 / Low / 195500-0900 / Orange

86-87 Turbo / 550 / Low / 195500-1370 / Tan

88 Turbo / 550 / High / 195500-1370 / Purple

88 / 460 / High / 195500-1350 / Purple

86-87 / 460 / Low / 195500-1350 / Red

89-91 / 460 / High / 195500-2010 / Red


Mitsubishi Eclipse - This is an o-ring injector 11mm

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

1989-99 Turbo M/T / 450 / Low / Blue (95+ Black top)

1989-99 Turbo A/T / 390 / Low / Tan

Non Turbo / 240 / Low / Orange pink

Non Tubo / 210 / Low / Light tan


Mercedes - Barb style injector. D-Jet plug. Plugs can be re-wired to work on L-Jet

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

Mercedes 1970's 4.5L / 380 / Low / 280-150-036 / Blue

Volvo 1970's B30E / 380 / Low / 280-150-024

Mercedes/Cadillac 6.9L / 480 / Low / 280-150-041 (rare)

Nissan 280ZX

odel/CC/ Impedence/Part#/Color

Turbo / 265 / Brown

Non Turbo / 188 /


Early 280Z white/tan body injector. 0-280-150-104

Later 280Z green body injector

280ZX Turbo brown body injector.


Here is a little comparison of some injectors.




This is a L-Jet plug on left. D-jet on right.



Here is a pic of the popular Ford CFI injector with the plastic removed on the inlet. Remember they are in the throttle body on the car only 2 per car on CFI.



Here is a pic of the CFI injector converted for use of o-rings. RC engineering can do this for you.


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Great info! Thanks for that link to Motor Man fuel injection supply. If anyone's wondering about them, I just ordered a set of the 338cc ford cfi injectors. The guy who runs it is very knowledgable. When he asked what injector it would be replacing, he noted that the fords didn't have pintle caps like the nissan's did, and had the right size pintle caps put on for free. And for such a great price! $160 shipped for all 6.

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A little update I guess, as I'm bored in chemistry again.


The injectors I bought from motorman are still working great after 8 months of daily driver use, both under N/A and turbo duty.


However, I would NOT recommend the MSD fuel pump, as the main post did above. I bought it shortly after the injectors, and initially it was okay, but it rapidly became very noisy, and began to heat up during prolonged use and loose flow. I had to replace it within a few months (threw a stock 280zx pump back in, soo much quieter). I would have sent it in for repair, but bought it from a small speed shop and didn't ask for a receipt :nono:.


I did a quick search here and found that some others have had problems with the pump as well, similar to what I experienced. That doesn't mean they're all bad, but take it for what it's worth.

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Looks at the pics... It appears to be an O-ring type injector as opposed to the Barb to hose style for the stock injector.


Sorry, my question was little bit unclear. I meant that I don't need to make any modifications to my intake manifold? Fuel rail side is obvious and clearly said in the beginning.

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FYI, Motor Man, will convert Domestic Injectors to fit Japanese manifolds. No need to machine the manifolds if you end up buying a set of domestic squirts.





The new site is: http://www.fuelinjector.citymaker.com


The prices on the old site have not been updated.

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It depends. If you are going for good reliable tuning no. If you don't care that one cylinder could rich or lean by a bit its ok. For low impedance you probably would like them to be closer. If you want reliable tunning you should have your whole set of 6 flow matched and impedance matched.

Witchhunter and motorman can do that.


Remember you must have your ECU remapped(tuned) to acturlly use the bigger injectors. If you want to tune the nissan ECU's a good site about that is hybridka.com. The best/easiest ECU to run the L series on is the one from the infinity M30.



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Hey guys Im a new member and havent quite figured it out yet so work with me. I just coped this 1983 280zx (non turbo) and it runs great but I just noticed that two of my fuel injectors are leaking gas. Can I just buy new ones and swap them out or do I need to take it to a professional? And is there anything else I need to know about that?

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Hey guys Im a new member and havent quite figured it out yet so work with me. I just coped this 1983 280zx (non turbo) and it runs great but I just noticed that two of my fuel injectors are leaking gas. Can I just buy new ones and swap them out or do I need to take it to a professional? And is there anything else I need to know about that?



Welcome to HybridZ!! Yeah you could buy new injectors if you want for the same model car, but also if you want you can upgrade injectors but more than likely something is going to have to be modified depending on what your goals are and what injectors you get thats if your injectors themselves are actually leaking that is. Sounds like to me that your seals/insulators are leaking for your injectors. Should be able to pick them up fairly cheap at your local auto parts store or you can order them online through here http://www.statracing.com/replacement/nissan/fuelinjectorseal.asp. Your part number for the upper insulator is C1010-17633 and the lower is C1010-17634 per injector. If I were you I would replace them all just in case one starts leaking again and since your gonna have it torn down anyways (12 seals total, 6 upper and 6 lower). The lower injectors seals/insulators are the only ones that seal the fuel from leaking so if you want to you can get the lower ones only, but thats your call. If you dont feel comfortable replacing the injector seals or dont really have much knowledge on working on cars I would just have somebody else do it. Shouldnt cost to much to have done considering its not really a complicated or time consuming task. Hoped I helped.

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I saw a thread once about the eclipse injectors and cant seem to find it now..


They seem to come pretty cheap so if you are looking for a new fuel rail anyways this is probably the best bet.. does anyone know if the Blue (1st gen) or Black (2nd gen) injectors from the eclipse turbo are any different in a Z setup?


Ive read that the 2nd gen has a dual spray nozzle, but flows the same, its believed to have a better result with the 2nd gen eclipse dohc, but will this affect a z at all?


Could I get either and they would be the same? this is my assumption I just dont want to "assume"


I was interested in the RX7 Injectors but I do not know what years are considered the "early" and "late" injectors.. Id rather not have to modify them, or the intake to get them to fit proper.


Anyone know those years?



Thanks for anyones help in advance!



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I am running these injectors on a JSK 14mm fuel rail. I had the pintle caps converted to european pintle caps so that they drop into the Z manifold with the original seals. This looks like a really good deal for injectors that will support about 500HP on a 6 cylinder. This is for 8 injectors but you might be able to order just six. They are 42#/440cc high impedence. Four spray holes in the tip.





All from Ford Tech Support (800) FORD788, 1-800-367-3788


Q: What fuel pressure are the injectors rated at?

42 lb @ 39.15 psi


Q: What is the Injector Pulse Width Voltage Adjustment?


They called this "Injector Offset"


V - ms

6 - 4.986 ms

8 - 2.098

10 - 1.321

11 - 1.095

12 - .919

13 - .786

14 - .670

15 - .575

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