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My Free Widebody Project

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Wow you guys have thought about this a lot more than me for some time! I hate to regret that for the moment this project is on the shelf...the way back shelf with mouse turds and dead june bugs on it.The only comfort i can offer is that it is not being sold.I may be getting back to it once im done with my landcruiser but that will be a while.


That said i appreciate all comments and i take all suggestions seriously.When i get back to it there will be some alterations made and the car WILL look amazing,however aside from changes to the rear im afraid major alterations wont happen.Not only is it more or less what im looking for (and you would appreciate the curves more in person too) but some of you may not realize that seemingly small changes can equate to 50-60 or more hours of work,just to alter a few small lines!


I promise to update when things start to happen but i have a new (old) love at the moment and im not turning back on it.hopefully you all will still be here when that happens :-)

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Well, Jonas, TBH I have talked about the Z-car I saw in the old hot rod magazine several times in the last month or two, and I had never seen your thread.. I groped in the dark trying to explain what I meant with words, and you had the photos and build thread I could have been pointing towards the whole time!


That plus, I (not being a wide-body fan in the least) was so impressed with the look of your car that I had to nitpick it just a hair to describe what *I* (in my infallible innernet wisdumb) would consider the "ultimate widebody Z." :mrgreen: Good luck with whatever keeps you away from your project; trust me, I know the feeling!

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First of all i would like to congratulate you on fabricating a widebody that excells everything i've ever seen done on a Z and maybe even on any other car. Making the door flares from that sandable foam stuff looks like a great idea, but i was wondering if u arn't afraid it might come loose or bubble or something over time. There are so many layers of material with (probably) all different expansion and shrink rates when their temperature changes.


I'm on the verge of starting a widebody project myself so i was wondering if you have experienced any warping or cracking on this particular section. Any info on this will help me alot since it gives mealot more options to play with.


Oh and before i forget how do you plan on making the other side exactly the same?



Thx in advance for your answers,



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Guest Ledfoot



Incredible work. I am currently working out the body design for my s30 shell. A while back there was a thread of a 240z concept that inspired me to try, but your pictures really confirm for me that some of what I am hoping to do can be done.


Best of luck on the rest of your project(s).



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can you take a mold of your dash and sell it to me??? my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com

Looking very good so far. I found chicken net is much easier to work with instead of foam. Something for you to think about and try it out. Good luck.


I am attaching a couple pictures of my rear quarter panel and my dash that used the chicken net to build the structures. The foam will take a lot longer time to build compare to the chicken net IMO.




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Very impressive build!


You can see pics of my custom hand made wide body celica here: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewAlbums&friendID=174543775 (click the album "My Photos" to see the build process)


I am really liking where you are taking your custom wide body z. What are the plans for the front end with your design?

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