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Engine wont keep running =(

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i have 73 240z with L28et convertion


i haven't the car for 3 months so i jump start it this moring .it fire right up but as soon as i disconnect the jumper the car dies.so i went out got a new alternator,however it still do the same thing.


may be i shud get a new battery too?


i check my wiring and its correct so dont really know what to do next


pls help

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You should probably read a sticky before the admins come down on you for your language. For some crazy reason they like proper punctuation, sentance structure and spelling.




is lie dis yo, ya gatta giv big props to the admin dog. g's got it goin on fa shizzle. you cant type street in Run's house dig?

~peace out~

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I have had that prob a few times. Last time it was bolt on the break pedal came out causing the trigger to stay up and the break lights to stay on.

I doubt your are that lucky, so i would suggest lugging out the multimeter and checking to see what, if anything, is drawing power when the ignition is off. Could end up being just a grounded wire. Best of luck.



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