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280zcar's 78 280z LS1/T56

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Compressor installed.

Took a bushing made for a lawnmower idler pulley and cut it down to install smooth idler pulley. Pulley is installed where one of the long f-body alternator bolts are. 


Ordering up hoses and fittings and hoping to have everything buttoned up sometime next week. 





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Hoses and fittings came today.


Have the drier and Condenser mounted and started to mock up all the hoses.


Lines coming off the compressor




Condenser and Drier mounted with hoses mostly in place.

Had to make a small notch on the driver's side of the core support for the Condenser to fit.

Need to make a matching bracket for the other half of the top of the condenser. Running the #8 and #10 lines along the bottom of the condenser. 




Got a little carried away trying to make the lower bracket look nicer. 




Hoses are run through the fender horn. Early cars have this area already open, but I guess they blocked it off on '78 cars. I had to cut open this section to pass the hoses through.







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A/C is a wonderful thing.


Got hoses crimped and system charged.


Made a bracket for the Drier. I wasn't happy with the two little straps that Vintage Air provided. Bracket is just some left over 2.5 exhaust split and a couple tabs welded on to tighten it around the Drier.






All buttoned up. Trinary Switch wired. Fan relay got moved to the lower condenser bracket.(used to be mounted where the drier is now) 




System Getting charged



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This is really simple and basic install but thought some other folks might like it. 


Bought a usb charging outlet/panel from amazon: 





I popped out the small square port in between the fasten seatbelt and defogger lights. The hole did have to be opened up. If you have a pristine center console, this would be a hard pill to swallow, but mine is beaten up so i had no problem opening up the hole some.


Wiring is super simply. Just supply switched 12v and ground to the two spade connectors on the back and you are done.


The front panel has a fairly obnoxious blue light that is on all the time. I intend on painting over it, but there is a rubbery cover for it when not in use. 






Installed one in my daily as well. (shows the light on)



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Some new parts came in. As soon as it warms up in Dallas, I'll get started putting it all on. 


Techno Toy Tuning Bolt in Camber Plates

Techno Toy Tuning Coilover Top Plates

300lb/in springs

Steering Rack Boots

Camber plates will be installed up front. Rear will get done later, but think I need to source some stock strut tubes for the rear. I may end up being too low after removing the stock isolators for the plates (struts are currently sectioned).



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Installed a front tow hook. 

Purchased this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DJSRSSM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I think the the threads in the the hook are 12x1.75.The part that threads into the black part of the hook was discarded. So I went to to the local hardware store and got a long 12x1.75 bolt and some 1/4 steel plate. 


Cut the steel plate to size 4"x2.75" and  drilled two holes for mounting it to the stock front bumper location. Welded the bolt to the steel plate and done. 


Finished product before paint: 





Hook can be oriented in any direction since it is screwed in place. I chose to have it swing left and right because it can fit in the space to the side of my grill. 







 I don't know how much I trust the strength of the $11 piece of red aluminum but it hopefully will handle pulls on to a tow bed should I ever need it. I may search for an all steel ring that will screw on to the same threads.

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Installed one of the T3 Camber Plates.


I made rough cutouts with a drill and hole saw bit. Then followed up with a mini hacksaw and then finally a lot of filing.  


During cuttting.




Mostly completed. Need to do a little more cleaning up and then throw some paint on it.  





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Just piecing together the A/C components one by one really.


12"x24" Condenser from ackits.com  $61.51



You don't happen to have the part # for the condenser?  It looks like the ports are on the same side, Thats what Im looking for.



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I've been stock piling more parts than I have been installing them.


Parts waiting to be installed:

  • Corbeau FX1 pro
  • 5 point harness
  • Speedhut Oil pressure guage
  • Speedhut Water temp gauge
  • New exhaust pipe to get the exhaust tucked a little higher.


Parts actually installed:

  • 240z Front bumper


Soooo here is a pic with the new bumper installed...

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