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T3 turbo rebuild


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Guest HBZ81
thats the scam. Its $10 worth of parts for $90. they can bleed you that much because they know you cant get them anywhere eles. If only the hardware store had cool stuff like turbo parts.


you can always sell water to a thirsty man.




I'm sure you can get them (or get them made) somewhere else for a lot cheaper... it's just they're not telling!


llets say i have the money to replace the turbo with another unit what would be the best turbo to put in im pushing for 550 to 650 hp


How about a cummins turbo? lol. I guess it depends also on how much lag you want too... I'm sure there's something. First thing that comes to mind is a t3/04 but I don't think they push that much. (Of course I'm at work typing this so my brain isn't all here)

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