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newly running 280z in need of some help


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my 77 280z has recently started running again and now i have some questions about how to make it run better. It usually starts up no problem, but sometimes it wont even turn over. just today i had it running and it stalled and when i tried to turn it back on it wouldn't even turn over. also, sometimes when i give it gas it dies instantly. both of these problems are just occasionally and not consistent. where should i start?

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When the engine does not even turn over do you hear a click for the solenoid? Do you hear anything at all from the starter motor?


It is possible that either the bendix on the starter or the ring gear on the flywheel is worn and locks up. It is also possible that the main cables to the starter are loose or have a bad ground. Check these and let us know.

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the car is fuel injected. When the car doesnt turn over at all no sound can be heard from the car at all. Also I believe this problem started when i had to replace a quickly leaking heater hose. it dripped for a bit up at the end near the starter possibly getting it wet and the same at the end with the alternator.

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