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79 280zx 2+2 with 83 block and head. doing all the body work on it currently. Which includes properly fixing the rust that has accumulated. Just purchased a mega squirt kit for it but am in no huge hurry to start another phase of the project yet. This is my first Z car and so far am liking it. Traded off a honda to get this car. Only bad thing is i am not autocrossing right now since i traded away my autocross car!!! Budget is fairly tight but am able to do most of the mods myself. Really like this sight and forums on it. Very good resource!


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My stock 280ZX has been deflowered - I knew it wouldn't last long....   - Urethane sway bar bushings - K&N CAI - Ceramic coated header, MSA mandrel bent turbo exhaust, Cat

Resurrecting an old thread!    

nice ride slownrusty, ive been seeing that on this sight for a long time now. love what you have done to it. just gotta figure out that front end. here is mine. been in my family since new. was origin

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If you are really tight on money get these. They are cheap and can get them any backspacing you want. But these wheels are heavy. I would probably opt for some xxr or sportmax in 16x8 just because they are probably lighter.


I'm running 16x8 front with 4 inches of backspacing and 16x10 rear with 5.5 inches of backspacing.

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It has been a really long time since I've posted here. The car has been sitting for the 2 years since the trans blew up, collecting dust. I finally started working on it over the last week or so and the z32 5spd transmission should be going in tomorrow. Once I get a new drive shaft made up it should be ready to hit the road again. In the meantime, I took a little bit of time and spray paint and did some 'decorating' :mrgreen:



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Hi All, I am new to this site. I just inherited an 81 280zx 5speed N/A because of a blown differential. Its not with me at the moment so I can't post any pics but I have searched and couldn't find any info on if I have a r200 or a r180. If it is a r200 is it a long nose or a short nose? Thanks ahead.


EDIT: Nvm, I found 1 pix but it was really of my bike. I'll get better pictures when I head back to Fresno.

post-28245-081849100 1331770260_thumb.jpg

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Most S130's (280ZX) were R200 in the USA. If it's an automatic there's a greater chance of being R180. Most, if not all iirc, manuals were R200. All 2+2s were R200 and all turbo were R200.

Ok, thats alot. I was just worried because I read somewhere that only the turbos and 82-83 models came with r200..

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