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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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I thought I had added a picture here but after going through all 105 pages I obviously Hadn't and there are so many nice wheels in this thread.




Mine are Work Equip's 18x10 up front with 235 tires and 18x12 in the rear with 285 tires, the tires will be replaced before its back on the road.  :)



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15x9 et0 SPD Zuka wheels, bronze with machined lip, from jpngarage.com
BC coilovers, T3 adjustable control arms front and rear.
A photo from last week's C&C New Orleans event.



What size tire is on there? How well does the 9" width work without flares?

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LLave, sorry for the slow response.

225/50/15 kumho ecsta AST front and rear. With my T3 adjustable lower control arms all the way in (as short as possible) they were rubbing slightly on the rear. I had to roll the lip up a bit. Now it seems ok, but it's close. Fronts are no problem. 205s would probably clear easy, but that's more stretch than I was looking for.

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