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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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These aren't for everyone but I am running 345/30R19's on factory 08 Z06 wheels. Even with my 85 C4 suspension I had to get 3" wheel adapters made to use them. Probably way too much postive offset for

Here you go guys. RKR 17x9.5 -20/dunlop direzza 2 255/40/17

  Why do you want to mount such a narrow tire on a wheel that wide?

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Just picked up a 1975 280Z in November 2019.


Had to replace the 15+ year old tires. The rims were 0 offset 16x7 Enkeis. I put 205/55/16 BFG g-Force Comp-2 A/S on them.


She has GC coilovers and stock shocks. The rears would rub if I hit a big bump. I want to go lower and am hoping to get the fender opening even with the top of the tire. I didn't want to roll the fenders.


It was hard to find info on how much offset I could go to push the tires in. I visited WheelTech and they were VERY helpful. They actually put my tire on a 16x7 +22 Rota RB to see if they would rub. Once on the ground there was even more clearance than what it looked like with just the rim.


Just got them mounted. I went +10 in the front and +22 in the back. No rubbing on the drive home. Don't know if I'll get as low as I want but we'll see.


Couple pics of when I got it and then today.





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  I was wondering if anyone out there, knows anything about Love20bee-a custom wheel maker in El Monte, Los Angeles.  He specializes

in making custom 3 piece wheels especially for 240zs.   His shop was featured on Hoonigan Auto Focus on You Tube.    



His website: Love20bee.com has numerous pics of his custom made wheels-mostly JDM stuff.












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I get the point 3pc rims, my rims above are 3pc. Not 100% true wheels, maybe one outer and 2 inner parts need to be changed. Oh yea, new wobbly rims from uk. 

Luckily tyres are about the same so shop with roadforce balancing machine did great job. 


Never ever gonna buy 3pc wheels

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