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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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This is my main wheel, 3-piece Impul Hoshino Racing RS-III (all the little bolts have IMPUL cast into them). 17X7" front with a 215/45R17 Falken Ziex 512, and 17X8" rear with a 255/40R17 Falken. +38mm offset on both, I'm using 1.5" spacers. These wheels are both 4 AND 5 X 114.3, but I've got 4-lug hubs on the car.




And I also have a set of MOMO Quasar 15X7" +30mm offset (use the same adapters) 4X114.3 bolt spacing:



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Sorry for taking soo long to post a reply.. been super busy..

BBZ, yes 245's even up front. I think the backspacing is actually 3.5. or like -12mm offset. I do not have coilovers and everything fits great. I was really leary about the 245s up front but it fits perfect and no rubbing. For the rear I had to roll the fenders and no rubbing there either.


Eric::, Yeah It was on the car when I bought it. I really like it and when I do the body work. I would like to reuse the 3 peice spoiler..


EvilC:: I got the wheels for 680 shipped to my door. But I dont think they are that cheap anylonger. Like others had said.. they are not on sale any longer I LOVE THEM!!!!

Thanks for the compliments guys!!

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Well, here's my wheels for viewing!


What colour is that?! its incredible!


Just bought these:




Been looking for a set of new wheels for a long time, kept flip/flopping on size and looks...finally bought a set that I've been longing for since I first saw them on a Zed.


While I'm at it, five lug conversion time!!!!


and big brakes


and new brake lines


and the CV conversion











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