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vh series intake and exhaust manifold design...


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Well I am looking at designs for VH manifolds for my engine.

Some VH ITB's being done up in the UK.

under-ITB runners on left and ITB's done on right.


another view:


a third view:



R390 twin turbo:

Note pressure equalizer tube at rear of engine(closest to photographer)











Of course all of these later ones are done by racing teams with backing by $$$$$$$$$ or by Nissan. Neither of which do I have. I'll just look and learn.

What I do have is plenty of time to work out a design and access to SolidWorks.

I have access to a CNC Plasma table(for relatively cheap) to cut out any exhaust manifold flanges that I may need.


For exhaust I may end up doing a front or side mount. A side mount could locate the turbo in/around the battery box area.

I'd really like to do a top mount but don't want to go more than 4" higher than the stock hood level which I don't think will be possible with a top mount HX50 sized turbo.


A GT4202R seems like it would be perfectly sized for the VH. That is if the HX50 map doesn't turn out to be close enough of a match.


I'll be posting updates and initial measurements from my intake and exhaust manifold design soon.



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Well I'm not doing twin turbos because the cost would be too high. If I could find a good pair of turbos it might happen but I'm leaning toward a single HX50. The same plenum could be used for single or twins.

Under that kind of plenum you could fit an entire huge turbo. The VH block is way down under there. Just about where the bellhousing mounts.

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I am currently doing a swap myself on a Z32 with a VH45DE. I have found the Z1 modified twin throttlebodies for the 300ZX TT will work for the VH45DE if you make the same type of intake manifold as on the VG30.... except for a V8.


The larger throttlebodies would be about a 25-30% increase in airflow over stock. This and matted with 555cc Injectors, and a good equal length header setup you could make good power all motor. But I am still tring to keep my Z looking stock on the outside and streetable daily driver type of car. Not a track star. Just something that can run down a Vette without a turbo.

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OK so I am just learning more about my version of solidworks... There were a BUNCH of things I didn't learn in my Solidworks class at college...

This is just practice and it will be completely re-done...I was up until WAY too early this morning working on this.

I will need more room to clear steering stuff I believe.


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That's my car at the top of the thread! Have both sets of throttle bodies mounted now and am starting to knock up the air box. Going to make one large box that covers both banks which will then allow me to try lengths (from the face of the body) of 15mm to about 500mm on the dyno and see what works best.

The exhaust manifolds are being made at the minute, 41mm ID primaries, 4-1 on each side with 1m primary lengths, should be tuned for ~5k rpm with my setup.

Will post up some pics when I have them.

Attached s/s is hemholtz calc for my engine as a rough guide.

Z32 V8 rad assembly in situ 009_thumb.JPG

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