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78 280z : How hard is it to change valve seals?


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I wanted to know how hard it was to change valve seals, because my car is leaking oil from the valves pretty bad, it gets oil on the car when driving + i think valve cover gasket leaks. Lightly smokes. Also is it possible to do without removing the head, I know you should be able to compress the cylinder then remove the springs and do it that way by using a compressor and spark plug hole adapter, is that true? thanks

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Do you own a shop manual for your car? All of your posts thus far have been maintenance related and come across as if you don’t own a manual for your car.


Oil on the car has nothing to do with valve stem seals. Worn tired valve stem seals cause the engine burn oil, i.e. smoke. Typical for these cars with their age to have hard valve stem seals, and yes, they can be changed without removing the head.


Valve cover gasket leaking is a common cause for a messy oily engine.

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