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:2thumbs: Seriously nice Z there Jay. I've seen some other pics of your car with a large wing on the back. Is that still part of the plan? Did you see the windtunnel test section? Pretty interesting stuff in there, might give you some good ideas too, like sealing the radiator to the grill opening and such...


Very very very nice job!

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Holy crap! Thanks for all the posts. Well first of all this car ran for about a year with this motor in there. I bought a "scarab" mount kit, modified the wiring harness, threw in a Richmond five speed and it ran. I hated how nose heavy it became, and how it handled. After the diff blew, I parked the car, yanked the motor and cut the fire wall and trans tunnel out. The motor went back 9 inches and down 1.5inches. As for this motor it is only a test mule. I have a 377ci new Dart Little M, 12.5 to 1 comp, 18 degree heads, solid roller cam, and some nasty internals. My engine builder claims an easy 600hp and around 500ft lbs. That will be going in before next race season. The car is only 2390 lbs at full static but the new motor has aluminum heads, twin disk racing clutch, and magnesium scattershield. This should lose me about 110 lbs. The exhaust is 2.5 inch, 304 stainless steel mandrel formed and tig welded with Magnaflow 2.5 center 6 inch cans. I'm signing off now guys..thanks again.

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