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HELP! 75 L28 Distributor No Spark!

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This afternoon I put the finishing touches on a 4 barrell carb setup for my 75 280Z. Looked down the carb and :D i have fuel. Goto start it and nothing just cranks over, pulled a couple plugs and they are not getting any spark. The dissy I have has 3 wires coming out of it... a red, green and brown. I have power coming from the coil to the distributor but none going out to the wires. I have no power to any of the 3 wires that hook up to the dissy. Before I started the swap I had spark without the ecu hooked up and wired the exact way it is.


I am looking for a wiring diagram or if someone could tell me where power or ground needs to be on the 3 wires going into the dissy?


Any help would be appriciated!

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Might be a bad ground in the ignition system, or the coil may be grounding out(which would collapse the field before it would get a chance to discharge). Go back through your ignition system and attempt to put it back exactly the way it was before the swap, assuming anything was changed.


I had a '72 Fury that would occasionally quit and not run, then finally died altogether...a radio noise suppression capacitor fried and was grounding out the coil...Auxilary spotted it smoking. Yanked the wire off of the capacitor, vroom.

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From what I can tell I have everything hooked up correctly. The only thing I can find that isnt hooked up are 2 wires under the dash that hang by the transistor unit, I traced the wires from the distributor back to the transistor as well. How would I bet able to test the transistor under the dash? and What are the white and brown wires with ring terminals on them under the dash by the transistor unit for?

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