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new V-I-D-E-O meth injection on my 78 turbo 280z

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Guest 280ZForce
I vote no, keep it clean and farrrr away from rice.

ummm those lights are not rice. They are 7" driving headlights, just as what we use standardly, but he used extra set as fog lights.... just like some modern cars come with from the factory like the ford mustangs have the optional 7" fog lights in the grill. Doesn't look rice to me. I think it gives it a nice aggressive appeal and it was phil's signature look on his Z, gave it unique character.

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O.K. some updates. I'm going to move the light from the fuel light to a green L.E.D. mounted in the gauge piller next to the boost gauge. Its more in my line of sight. The low fuel light is out of the way when I'm hard on the gas, and it doesn't catch my eye like it would next to the boost gauge.


And I feel SOOOOOOOO stupid, DUH!!! I can't open the spare tire hatch with the tank mounted where it is. I'll have to scoot it a bit until it clears the spare tire hatch thing. I went to get my tires balanced and just started laughing as I'm squeezing my hand through there to get my tunner lug socket. DUH. lol

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