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Yea but, "The engine area: 280zx turbo block with P90 HEADS", balanced and micro polished, with aerospace coated headers. Triple Weber Carbs are perfectly tuned on a cannon manifold. Polished aluminum radiator (performance and looks), 280zx distributor with hot coil ignition, and the spark wires are longer and run round engine instead of over it (clean)

* 280zx clutch, Aluminum Flywheel into a close ration 5 speed tranny with a short-throw shifter and 3.90 rear end. This car was setup for high acceleration off the line and it still has lots of torque at 125mph thanks to the 5 speed. Dyno tested at 160 torque to the rear wheels and estimated 225hp at the engine.

* Car was lowered with T.M.G. springs over KYB Shocks.

* Koenig Wheels 17" color matched with same Candy Red and custom aluminum spacers also painted.

* All the glass was either replaced or polished including chrome trim and all rubber

* I kept rear drum brakes and stayed with rubber suspension (instead of poly plastic). Pierre Perrot said the poly suspension was too stiff and I wanted retain the drums for looks and to also show that the car stops fine with drums.

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I have personally seen this car @ "Super Car Sunday" in Woodland Hills and all I have to say is HE IS OUT OF HIS MIND AND FULL OF IT. Those cheap konig with Honda spacers got no love in a parking lot full of Ferrari's and Lambo's. There were even a few Vectors and GT 40's that day, this dude is trying to sell it for 45K so he can run out, get an M3 and fit in with the Euro crowd @ SCS. And his statement was hilarious about V8 Z's. It just so happened that while I was observing his cheapo konig set-up, two of the Euro guys came over excited; "Hey is that a V8 Z!?" Owner: "No its a triple carb set up" Two guys: "oh" They then walked away to look at a GT40. This guy just want's the buyer to pay for his newer/used M3 or 911. There was another built v8 240z that was getting love, it had some nice JDM Racing Harts 17x8.5 17x9.5. Two weeks later I bought my 17x8.5 17x9.5 JDM Manaray MJ9's inspired by that car.

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Nice car indeed. 45k is way unrealistic...But it would be cool if it sold for that much. It would raise the market value for the rest of us. He is testing the market. After all you only need one buyer....It would be interesting to see what he gets for it.

EDIT: If he wants 45k he better revist the brakes and suspension lol!

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I seen this too and it made me cringe. And the popup window when you look at the auction "The Most Amazing 240z"


Speaker Box looks like crap, and from what I see all he has is those 6x9's, nothing in the doors or kick pods. So unless he has something mounted on the reverse of the speaker box I don't think it will sound that great, all coming out of two speakers. That and all he has is an ipod and no radio, probably has to have something driving those speakers, why not just have a radio at that point....


"My vision was very clear in that I did not want to turn the Z into something that was unrecognizable from its original form." - Yeah right, those wheels look like they belong on a honda.


"* Shaved lip off of the gas tank lid" - Probably why it looks like crap, probably did it later and tried to do it himself.


And why the hell did he post 3456 x 2304 pictures that are ♥♥♥♥ quality.

I run 1680 x 1050 and can't even see the damn things. I'm sure those are originally high res pictures, hasn't he heard of resampling the image smaller to keep some quality and make them viewable.


"I won all the awards I was hoping to achieve and there is nothing left to do on the car."

Well heres another one for him:



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Looks like this guy is trying to 1 up him




except that car has a 700hp supercharged, nitrous injected v-8

and has PROOF of the show's that it's won haha


even with the weird square headlights and taillights, i kinda like it.

I usually don't like the 2+2's, but I think that whale tail is what makes me like it.

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