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RB30 to RB30ET vacuum issue

NickandM 72 240Z

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Hey Guys, Sorry if this has been covered before, I did search for a few days.

I am building an NA RB30 with a t3/t4 running about 5psi and adding 2 extra injectors so as not to lean out, just wondering how the positive pressure in the intake minifold of a turbo'd engine will effect the vacuum controls for the heater/aircon sys.

Will they work in reverse?

I could maybe tap the vacuum from before the turbo?

How are you guys that have turbo engines getting around this.

Any help is appreciated.



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Could you pull the vacuum before the turbo inlet? The turbo will be sucking it in for the most part. Even when the recirc or blow off valve is in action there should still be some vacuum.


yeh thats what I thought, while the engine is running you'd always have a vacuum before the turbo because you'd still have all your intake air going through there even before the turb spooled up, whether that air was being used by the engine or not doesn't matter as long as there is that vacuum. I'll check out the skyline stuff too, thanks for your thoughts lads



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