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Hey Fast:


We can build them to your needs and build a Plenum Plate like the pictures and Link below, but designed for the Bore Spacing on the 5.6 motor!


The injector Bridges would give you Staged injection option as well if you wanted.






I will give you a Call Today or you can call us 850-835-1588, direct line to my desk!!


May have a 510 X-Member sale for you as well!





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Guest ZX2NV
Sure it would! The same concept works just the the Ford 302 below! ITB's could be reversed as well so the Injectors are on the below the ITB's as well. All depends on runner length!





Hi Kevin


I have got to say this thread is great you guys certainly produce some amazing intake gear.


I also read with great interest a memebr who was going to talk to you about the Nissan vh45 V8 engines and possibly send you an intake setup for possible reproduction with the ITB setup.


I am very interested in this setup also. Here in Australia the VH45 is gaining poularity due to its strong design and awesome power potential. So far the use has been limited to speed boats etc however I am trying to change that. I have been working with some members of the Nicoclub forums to bring a vh45 to Nissan z32 5 speed gearbox adaptor into the country for resale. I hope that once a good gearbox option is available here for the engine that demand will increase for the both the engines and aftermarket gear such as ITB setups etc. I am personally building a VH45 to put into my new Z32 300zx race car. I currently have a 1995 Z32 which puts out just over 400 rwhp on the stock engine and turbochargers. Its a heavily modified setup but still uses the stock turbos and engine internals.


Anyway thats about it for the intro my email address is jason@oasisairservices.com.au feel free to email me directly with any updates or questions etc I am more than pleased to help out



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