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Nissan 5.6ltr V8 and ITB's

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A Little Update:


Kurt Scherbaum "Mr. Fabricator" Made over 400hp and 385Tq @ the Wheels with Extrudabody 45mm Taper Bore ITB's and Jim Wolf Tech Cams on an otherwise STOCK MOTOR! Add 20 to 25% for Drivetrain Loses and you see some Fantastic Crank HP/TQ numbers!


Kurt Dynoed the Rear Engine Buggy this past weekend at Jim Wolf Technologies HQ in Southern California with tuning help by "Clark" of JWT fame on a converted VH45 ECU & harness running a MAF Sensor and Plenum design seen below!


Congrates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a Very special THANKS from Extrudabody to Kurt and his TEAM for there efforts!





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