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I Want To Be Like My Big Brother When I Group Up...Pics

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See you got the VA fenders on there?



Joe - The left fender is the VA fender, the right one on the car is what the car came with. The right VA fender got damaged in shipping due to poor packing, but is "fixable" just requires some time. He told me the fenders were brand new genuine Nissan fenders, but they are not, they are aftermarket and the holes line-up poorly, so I will have to do some work to get them to fit - no biggie. Thanks again for sending me the contact info. Overall it was still a decent buy.


Regards - Yasin

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Such a lovely Porsche, I love seeing it posted!


But I do have to say it is only NEARLY perfect.....


It WOULD only be perfect if it were mine :)


LOL...Bill...well as Jay Leno would say "Everything is for sale.....at the right price"!




Many thanks and it gets driven and driven hard...not a garage queen by any stretch.


Hey Yasin,


Your garage looks to clean from the angle of the photos. What is being hidden in front of the cars? :)


Keeping the garage clean is hard! Infront of the 280Z and the 911 is:


And..The 280ZX not the Lotus :)



I prefer to think that a porsche is a rich man's Z.


Good one! Many Porsche Owners also are Datsun or have been Datsun owners at some point.


can we get more pics and specs on the Porsche please?



Only model to come with a hydraulic 5speed.

- B&B stainless steel headers - Jet Coated

- Tial 46mm Wastegate

- Upgraded Turbo (K27-7200)

- 1 bar of boost

- Custom intercooler (designed by me)

- B&B 3" dual exist muffler - polished by me

- Lowered 1.5"

- Custom made HRE Wheels

- Twin Turbo Front 4 piston brakes with 13" rotors

- Subtle interior upgrades

Power conservatively estimated at 420hp





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