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More twisty Z video - practising editing

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Thanks, nice video. I think it's actually more entertaining to have the engine noise in the background for the entire video, with the music playing over it. Kind of like the way most hollywood movies do it. I really enjoyed the edit though, great shots.


Yer I started it that way and love hearing the engine rev but it got a little annoying after a while. Most likley listening to it over and over again that did it. I did a short 30 second version up here some where of just the engine.


Thanks Guys, Yasin I've got a stock L28 with headers and 240 SU's. I just installed the L28 and have a set of 40mm tripple Dells finished and ready to go when I get some time to bolt them on, (Prolly in December as the SU's are very reliable atm).

I think Evans car is pretty stock L26 motor wise with LSD diff not sure of ratio, has been lowered with the addition of flares and front air damn similar to my own. I'm pretty sure he's hoping to install an RB motor in his car though.



EDIT: The better quality version.




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Guest Stormcrow

Wow, that was pretty brilliant. With some work, this could definitely be a commercial or something. The engine noise could have been aligned a bit better with the cars, probably would have been good to hear two separate engine notes, but overall, it was very entertaining and I only wish I could do something this fun.

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