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Video of the L31dett Twin Cam Z Car, CARNAGE!!!

1 fast z

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Here is a vid we took after work. I dropped the car about 2900 RPM in first, ten nailed the throttle. Obviously first had no traction, then it hit the rev limitier (7300 RPM) pretty quickly, then I shifted into second, then hit the throttle again, then Second Gear had NO traction. That is with a 245/45/17 Brand new set of tires. This is at 10 PSI. Then I went to the end of the street then tried it again, then BAM, broken half shaft, AHHHHHHHHH. So that is my vid for the day. Just got my boost controller in today, so we will be pushing somewhere between 15-20 PSI on it soon

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sadly i think thats was a O.S. Giken (spelling) head if im not mistaken? I don't think they make those anymore and if they do they are really hard to find. and if im totally wrong and it was a one off job u guys did an amazing job, sounds incredible.



lol... This is not a Giken head, we have been following this guys crazy head construction for awhile now.

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