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Wild BBC HybridZ Drag Video

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Why do all the back halved cars wheelie so bad? Is it just the size of tires that they are able to run? Or is it that they hook that much harder?




Not sure what suspention setup he has in that but a 4 link can be setup to lift the tires very easily. ultimately you want just the slightest bit of wheel lift. The more wheelie you get the more forward momentum you loose.

here is some info




Move the intersection point forwardand the car wheelies less. move it back and you have a wheelie queen.

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I like the look and over syle of the car, fact that he's got a BBC is a wow factor but I cant get my head wrapped around the fact that there is no way you can drive that car in Los Angeles, Ca. as a streetable car. i would love to see the build up on it though just curious to see the mods/fab work that was done to stuff the BB in that z engine bay :)

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