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Suspension Experts Please!!!

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I'm building a very high HP sbc for my 73 240Z and thus I need WIDE wheels and I want to retain a IRS but do not want to run monster flairs. Is possible to relocate the rear struts inboard, say 2"-3" inches while maintaining the same stock strut angle and relative position? For example, widening the rear wheel wells using rear wheel wells out of a donor Z and then mounting the lower strut tube at the spindle by modifing the spindle or mounting it to the lower control arm as some IRS I've seen? I'm just brain storming and don't see why it couldn't be done and If not why? I appreicate any and all serious responses.


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Mark, How wide a wheel do you think you need? Reason I ask is that Pete Paraska is running some pretty wide tre/ wheel setups with his factory body and coil overs... I can easily run a 17X9.5 wheel with clearance on the tire to strut. I'm pretty sure you could get a 275 series tire under the back of that car without serious mods other than coil overs... I currently have a factory Mustang wheel on the rear of the other Z (Not the white flared Z) and it is running a 245-40-27 and I have over an INCH of clearance between the strut and tire...



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Well I'm going to be pushing between 550-600HP at the the flywheel so I need as wide a wheel as I can get!

Have you decided on your tread compound/preferred sizing (are the compounds you want available in the sizing you seek?)? Typical rims (& tires) only come so wide unless you're looking at 3pc and full slicks as I'm sure you know.


The only customers I have doing 10 and 12" width rims intend to run full slicks on 3pc wheels.


As you've noted, you can relocate strut tubes to gain clearance but that's pretty involved work for the benefit IMO (been done before). Mild flares and coilovers can yield you LOTS of room as others have noted. 280ZX's are even more forgiving out back with room for 315's under stock fenders with coilovers (someone just donate the rims/tires and I'll be happy to prove it :D ).

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