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What are you most interested in seeing from HybridZ.org in Nissan Sport?

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As most of you know, I have a column in Nissan Sport which is called Sarah's Web Watch, where I write about what you all in the forums are talking about. So for Winter of 2008, since it'll be my first column writing about the forums instead of about myself (haha), I'm asking your help to get me started! I would like for you all to choose your favorite HybridZ.com thread. It should be a thread that has been relatively popular amidst your fellow forum members, and it should be hybrid Z related (i.e. preferably not an offtopic thread). Please link the thread you're nominating in your nomination post!


At the end of the day Nov. 15, 2007 I will take a look at all of your thread choices, pick 6-7 of them, and run a poll for which is everyone's favorite of the choices; the poll will then run through Nov. 21, and whichever thread wins will be covered in Sarah's Web Watch.


Thanks in advance for all your help!

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It has to be 1fastz's L31DETT project. From conception to completion it showed what hybridz is all about. Just look at "that other" z forum if you want to see what something so technically impressive can be reduced to (i.e., name calling, flaming). Hybridz was able (with some moderation) to stick to what is important.

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Make sure you guys link me to the threads you're nominating ... I'll do my best to find 'em but if I can't, I can't use them! :D


Also - you all are doing AWESOME with coming up with topics of interest. I really appreciate all the thoughts so far, let's keep them coming so that we have lots of great choices for the poll!

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