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driveshaft-to-differential adaptor

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JTR sells a Datsun-to-Chevy driveshaft adaptor, evidently to be used with Spicer #1310 U-joints. Has anyone ordered this piece from them, and if so, what do you think of it? has anyone made their own?


The flange of a Chevy driveshaft can probably be machined for the appropriate Datsun "pilot diameter" (2.25"), but I wonder if there is enough room to drill the Datsun-compatible bolt pattern.

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Thanks for all the advice! My original posting on this topic was quite some time ago, and since then, I have already bought the unit from Stealth Conversions. It looks very well made (much better than the TH400 yoke that I bought for the opposite end of the driveshaft). When we lost a bunch of postings on the forum, this particular topic floated up to the top of the heap, since it apparently was the latest posting that was not deleted.


By the way, do we know whether the damage to the site was due to a technical malfunction, or hacking???

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