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The old driveshaft will work. However, you will almost certainly want to replace the driveshaft for V8 purposes. I bought JTR's driveshaft flange for adapting Chevy-size U-joints to the R200/R180 input flange, and a yoke for the opposite end of the driveshaft to fit my transmission. Everything takes Spicer 1310 U-joints (maybe 1350 - I can't recall the specific number). The rest of the job is left to a driveshaft shop.

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It cost me around $230 for the front yoke, spicer joints and the fabrication and balancing of my driveshaft here in Fredericksburg. I wanted an aluminum unit, but the shop I worked with advised against it. They had several examples of Va. State Police car (Crown Victoria) units that had failed on them during persuits... I found that very interesting since I thought that Aluminum shafts were the trick way to shave a bunch of rotating weight....






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