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GABE!!!!! Awesome to see you getting your Z going again.  I just got a new job about a month ago and I've been getting the urg to get my z out and start working on her again. I actually started to wet

Cool! Am mid way through my 327 build. Good luck!!

Lookin real good there Gabe!  Can't wait to visit your neck of the woods again...  

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Hot side of the IC pipe is almost done. Just need to clean it up and paint it. Hugh thanks to Mike at our local speed shop Top Dead Center for welding the pipe up for me so quickly! Just one step closer to getting her back on the road.








Hot side welded up.










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Ok, back on the road! Still not sure about the head gasket.. Thanks to Jonathan Taylor for helping me do the coolant pressure test.. We put 16psi in it and it really didnt go anywhere.. We did a leak down and every cyl was 10% leak down accept one.. Cly 5 was 20-25.. Not great but not terrible.. 









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Gabe why are you not sure about the head gasket?  For cooling system pressure test on our prototype engines, we pressurize the cooling to 40psi and the acceptable criteria is less than 1 psi of pressure drop over 5 minutes. This is a little overkill but dyno time is much more expensive than build time.

Anyway, car looks great, hope to catch up with you while im on the coast. 

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