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Sds & Edis 6????

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I have a new SDS Em4-6E that I bought about a year ago off of a friend who failed to finish his project, the system was never installed.


So here I am with an "E" system but I would like to run coils or coil packs and I really don't really want to dump the big chunk of change ($400.00-$600.00) they want for a coil pack and new pickup from SDS to make it an "F" system.


I had an idea of running the SDS off the EDIS tach output signal. If that will not work then 2 pickups (SDS&EDIS) wouldn't be a problem to make.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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No, I've been very busy wiht other things. I guess I was kinda hoping someone had tackled this already but no worries. I've been kicking it around a little here and there and I might have something to work with a little later on when I have the turbo stroker installed in something to drive.



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Ok here's what I found so far.... (You might need to read this a few times to put it together, I know I didn't type it like I think it. Cold meds working overtime here.)


81 ZXT's had a VR crank sensor, 82-83 ZXT's had an optical sensor CAS. Both produced slightly different types of signals but since the computer only read the highest and lowest points they can interchange.


My SDS "E" system reads a 3 point square wave signal much like the optical signal produced by the ZXT CAS. The optical CAS is 6 points on the center wheel but here's where things get good. The crank turns 2 times for every 1 time the dizzy turns... This makes me think I can run my SDS off of the CAS in the dizzy if I put the wheel right where I need it but I'm thinking bigger then that because I want to run the EDIS 6 system.


Ok EDIS 6 system uses a 36-1=35 teeth and a gap, this is a VR signal but just like the Nissan computer it reads the highest and lowest points so in theory the EDIS 6 module should read a square wave signal like the one from the Nissan dizzy mounted CAS. From what I understand the outer ring on the Nissan CAS has 360 slots, see the relation? Now since the CAS inside the dizzy only turns 1/2 rotation to 1 crank rotation the 360' will have to be split into (2) 36-1 triggers for the EDIS. This would involve removing and leaving every 5th tooth to make it 36 teeth 1/2 the way around or 72 teeth all the way around, after this you will to remove 2 of the teeth that are left, one directly accross from the other to make it (2) 36-1 triggers on one trigger wheel. Does this make sence cause my brain is about to be mush?


According to certain sources of info found on the web (ok I'm having trouble finding the links at the moment, I admit it). SDS will run off of a Ford "PIP" signal.


Now that you have the foundation I have in mind.

This is how I was thinking it would happen:

The EDIS 6 system would run off the CAS outer wheel modded as I said above to where it's basicly (2) trigger wheels in one unit but the EDIS unit will only see it as one repeating itself just like if it were on the crank.

The EDIS puts out the PIP signal that can be read by SDS to run the SDS unit provided it it can run off the signal that timed for the EDIS unit (there might be a timing issue but I have a possible fix if this comes up). Then the SDS can send out the ignition signal whish will be the SAW signal needed by the EDIS unit to give you retard or advance.

If the timing is different then the SDS can read from the 6 points of the inner ring of the CAS unit. This means both SDS and EDIS will be readign 2 different signals off of the CAS unit and the SDS will feed the ignition signal to the EDIS VIA the SAW.


Now keep in mind that I'm just going off everything I've read and compared at this point. Usualy I don't toss stuff out there without actualy doing it or taking part in doing it but I won't have my new (I used to have SDS on my other car) SDS unit will not be on my new toy for a little while and maybe if others got involved we could pan this thing out by sharing info.


If it looks like I'm wrong about any of this info please post and correct me. I think this is a great idea and a very interesting way to get cheaper dizzy-less ignition.



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I talked to them before about doing this, I had an "E" system on my 76 turbo I used to own. They wanted to sell me an "F" upgrade for a lot more $$. Now I'm not cheap when it comes to building power, I just feel this can be done and I like the fact that the EDIS parts can be found allover the place so having spare ignition parts for next to nothing is a major plus.


I messed up when I typed the info above. Correction is Holes would have to be blocked off so that the light sensor will only see through the ons to create the wave. Since the trigger wheels in our dizzys are super thin it will be hard to fill the holes with anything that will stick and not throw off the balance. I was talking aobut this with a friend and creating a new disk is an option we talked about. Remember all of this is just tech talk and working out ideas, soon I will set it all up on a bench and see what I can make happen because I don't think I can wait till I put my new SDS in my S13.



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