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Dave's 280z VK56DE Project

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Thanks Rich,


I have a G35 6-speed and trans adaptor ready to go.




Clutch and flywheel I discussed with the guys here: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/107225-custom-qm-flywheel-with-3-plate-clutch/page__p__1004083__hl__%2Bvk56+%2Bcustom+%2Bflywheel__fromsearch__1#entry1004083 so I know where I'm going with that.


Itching to get the welder fired up and fab up some mounts for the engine/box so I can get things in place!



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I'm still itching to make some more progress here. I wired up an outside 110v circuit this weekend with some friends which was fun, so I'm feeling more confident I can finish the wiring on the welder circuit and then get a sparky to come look at it and sign off/tell me what to fix.


I finished wiring in the 220v outlet, and almost done with the GCFI 110v companion circuit:




Then I just need to do the circuit box and good to go.



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I sold the project.  But if you check the pics on the previous page, yes the engine (sans exhaust manifold) fit just fine.  I'm confident I could've made it work, I still have the engine, so maybe I'll pick up another S30 chassis and go from there. :)




Thanks for the reply Dave,


Do you have any idea if there is a difference in size of VK56 and VK45? and do these engines also need loads of parts off the donar car like VQ

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I've never sat a VK45 next to a VK56, but I'd put money the latter has a higher block height, which I'd imagine would contribute to it's width.

I was planning on running a megasquirt ECU, so I'm unclear what donor parts you'd need.




Sorry to disappoint. :(  The things I have left over are in the for sale thread http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/111846-vk56de-07-vct-8000mi-g37-6-speed-box-trans-adaptor-2x-hayabusa-throttle-bodies-2900/ but it's all sale pending.



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