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th350 vs tremec t-5 driveshaft info

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Hey guys,

I'm removing my TH350 trans to install my camaro tremec t-5 and was wondering if my current driveshaft would work?


The t-5 is is longer correct? id be happy if i had to cut down my current shaft instead of buying a whole new one.. i hope this is the case


Also T-5 Output shaft spline count is 31? and Th350 is 27? im not sure if this is correct but looks like ill need to change yokes.


Anyone else switch from TH350 to T-5?


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I can confirm that the spleen count is the same. Im swapping the turbo 350 for the T5 right now, and I just took the driveshaft off the turbo 350 and it slipped right into the T5. Woot.


Length...ill get back to you in a few weeks. I doubt ill get lucky twice.

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Once again, spleen count is the same, but the Th350 is approx 28.75" long and the T5 is 31.75" long so 3" will have to be cut out of the driveshaft. I will take exact measurements in the future, but with the amount of slack in the yoke it wont matter much anyway.


How much should an average shop charge to trim 3" off a driveshaft?

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