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rb25det 240z


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hey, this is my lil bros z that ive been puttin together while i didnt have anything to do on my car. everything maid in my garage


73z 96 rb25det

mega squirt ecm

555cc nismo injectors

custom headers by me

custom exhaust by me

tial 44mm waste gate

tial 50mm bov

turbonetics turbo (temp turbo) 60A.R. compressor 63. A.R. turbine

extreme clutch

custom oil pan

fuel cell

walbro 255 pump

griffin radiator

sport max wheels

seibon seat

takata harness

carbon fiber tail light plates (donno there technical term)

07 STI brembo brakes (not yet installed, need bigger wheels)


and thats all i can think of of top of my head, lemme know what you think

right now only idles, thats as far as the tuning went, ill post power numbers and 1/4 mile time soon. thanks

























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would that l28 z guy be you? lol well i did alot of research on turbo headers and turbo applications before i started. this set up is far far from right, turbo is way to small, but when you get a turbonetics turbo for almost free, you dont complain. the turbo being that far up front is no problem, if everything you maid to get it up front was built right. mine have a couple parts that could be remaid/redesigned, but im going to make diff headers in the future. these ones were more or less just if i can do it or not

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yeah man, that is going to perform better than stock, no doubt.


when i meant it was good to get it running and have fun with it, i meant it's going to take some damn good abuse. LOL.


I have stainless flanges for my RB, but i'm thinking of getting regular steel flanges so that its' easier for me to weld my first header up (haven't welded stainless with my mig)

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shouldnt matter to much, ive welded stainless, only thing really is you have to be more "careful" (lol) with heat, stainless usually thinner then mild steel for exhausts. but im no welding master, and ive only welded stainless 2, maybe 3 times, could be wrong. yea shes gonna get beat up on, i need to put a flex pipe, and modify the pipe that gose under the trans mount, it hangs to close to the ground, hites the ground just bringing it out of the garage, dont wanna hit the ground and brake anything

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well... after working out some bugs, and there are still alot more bugs... but got the car running and base tuned to where it drives around and dosnt go dangerously into lean or rich. and then a local shop had a dyno day, so figured what the heck, and put down 300whp and 287 wtq. and still building power, but having lil prob and red limiter is kicking at 6000 instead of 7. car still needs quit a bit of tuning/bug working out. but happy with the base numbers. this is at 1.0 bar. I have videos and dyno sheet, will post when i get a chance.



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