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DNI video Wayne's 454 twin turbo

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Wayne never did get his car to run right, but it is still a thing of beauty and he will get the bugs worked out. I know he worked for 48 hours with only 2 hours sleep to get the car ready for DNI.


I have limited bandwidth on my server so please DO NOT try to stream these videos! Right Click on the file and choose 'Save Target As' to download the video.

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Hey, Doc, don't mean to ignore you, just got back at my connection. Changed over from FI to blow-through carb..got it running about 0800 Sun morning, slung it on a trailer and figured I could tune it at the track. Made a 660 foot pass and it was running a little more lean than I wanted so I tried adjusting the fuel pressure up from 7 psi to 9 psi. for some reason, the pressure spiked to about 11 while I was doing the burnout and went way rich. Some of the videos show the black smoke...and I couldn't ever get the regulator adjusted right after that.


The blow-through was meant to be a short term fix just for DNI because my FI took a dump on me Friday night and didn't think I had time to fool with it...will fool around with this set-up for a bit to see if I can suss it out but intent is to put the FI back on and tune it correctly. I appreciate your thoughts.


If the truth was known, it is more than likely operator head space and I did something stupid in the process of changing over. I'll get it figured out...just takes a couple of two by fours in the head :o



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