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It's official Chevy 4.2ltr into a 70 Z Car! Need help Guys!

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This is AWESOME!


i have been doing research and decided on this swap about 3 months ago. i thought it hadn't been done.....i am very excited to see that someone has the same idea. it would be an amazing engine and it keeps the straight six heart that the Z stands for.


any way i am looking forward to an update and to see what options you went with.


also i am letting the guys at the Trailvoy threads know about the ITB's they will love to have some options.

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Let me know if I can help you or the others on the ITB's!


Thanks for the mention in other threads!





no problem. i am big on sharing information. 2 heads are better than one right?


how much HP do you think you would gain with just the stock 4200? that might influence some to buy.......

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If you have any plans at all to turbo that engine, go with a T56. R154 is marginal with a healthy 2JZ and the 4.2L should put down gobs more low-end, brute torque than a 2JZ.


Surprised this engine has not caught on yet in the hot rod world. Would love to get my hands on one.

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Yes I agree with the Hotrod statement! At $600 shipped to my Door, seems like a No Brainer!


I plan to keep it Normally Aspirated, it fit's by business better, but hell who knows may take it one step further one day!


Guys I also need a Parts Car if anyone knows where one is pretty local to the panhandle of Florida?



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Check with the guys on the trailblazer/envoy forums they have 2 guys that have done swaps, one into a Jeep and the other into an old GMC truck. they have some good info. try to get a 06' or newer because of the new head. and the 08' have a better PCM for turbo. Good news for doing the swap the botom end on this is estimated to take around 500hp.......


Kevin any idea on how much power the TB's will get out of the engine?

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Here's a little update:


The Manifold is now 2 Piece Billet instead of tig welded. It has 3D Machined runners that taper from 45mm to the Stock GM port shape. Manifold runner length is 2.4"! Estimate total runner length at 10" from valve face to the tip of our Airhorns! 3" are in the Head! Stock Runner length is 9" on the manifold, the runner length of the set-up below is 7", so it is shorter by 2".


Hp increase? Not sure at this point, but the stock manifold has 2 airplane wings inside the Manifold between runners 1&2 and 5&6. It's actually a molded in portion of the Plenum in the shape of a "Wing" that divides the air above and below as it intersects the runner opening on #1 runners. It must increase the Velocity at the corners of the plenum that feed the outside 2 cylinders! Set-up below is also straight shot into the Head ports and doesn't make the 90 degree turn into the Head like the stock plenum!


It's going to be a fun Ride with the Torque numbers!








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Well it almost fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO! :)


Not sure what direction I want to go! Take the Engine Back, and Down by modifing the Firewall/Tunnel or Down and Forward by building a new front X-member, and possibly passing the Rack/Pinion thru the Hole in the Oil Pan.


Motor Mounts will be built to the Frame Rails as the Engine Mounts are much higher on the engine than on the Z Engine!


Alternater as Jeff suggested would be in the way and has to be moved out and Down 2" x 1" to make room for the ITB's! Easier to do that than to try and CNC around it with the Billet Manifold!



















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wow I like the look! it fits in there pretty good.


do you think you will have to change the front sump?? most of the people that have done swaps have taken two I5 Colorado oil pans and made it rear sump with some welding. you might even shorten it a little to shave some height......


as far as the alternator you could move it to the power steering side and replace it w/ a pulley.


what tranny are you using??? I have been looking for one that would mount to the bell housing.


just my .02....


but it looks great. gets me thinking.

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