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trying to buy a car ideas?

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OK. so i found a 280zx for $300. car starts, barely, can keep it running if you mess with the throttle a little, can't rev past 2k though after that couldn't keep it running. i did a carfax and it was in a accident in 97 but everything looks to be ok.any ideas on what it might be or if i should buy it? thanks in advance.


oh yeah forgot to mention its a 83 if that matters.

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Hey, I bought a 280zx for $300. I thought mine was a good deal it didn't run at all. If its a complete car and some parts are in good shape I would say its a deal. I mean the least you can do is get the parts you want and then take it to the metal processing plant. I'm not sure what scrap metal is going for in your area, but you should be able to get some of your money back. An extra drive train is useful if something should break on your other car.

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so the guy that was going to sell me the '83 280zx ended up just giving it to me. went to the guys house yesterday and was compression testing the engine before I bought it, tested it,came up about 153 psi on all cylinders, got done told him i was leaving and right before i left he handed me the keys and the title and said "here take it, its all yours".


party time!!!



i even tried to pay him but he wouldn't except it. :confused:


coming home with me tomarrow.

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