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1979 datsun 810 2 dr. L24E


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But I'm not understanding why the 810 itself has to run off a front oil sump. If I drop a different engine in the car why does the oil sump have to be changed??


Most likely the position of the factory 810 cross member that links the front suspension to the chassis. It could be in the way of the rear sump.

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I hit up the local pick and pull on sunday and was surprised to see a relatively unmolested 1984 Maxima w/ l24e there. If you need anything off of the engine or any other small parts, let me know and I will see if I can get them for you. I can't guarantee I'll be fast about it, I'm working strange shifts now and am rarely up during the day, but I'll do what I can.


I notice there's no afm in the underhood picture, I know there is one in the yard. I'm in GA btw.

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Is the L24e in ok shape in the car now?


I bought a 1984 maxima for 300.00 and just bolted the 280zx turbo stuff to it as well as fitting 4 lug wheels from the 1984/84 300zx non-turbo.


I didn't remove the engine or the pan.




It's been my daily driver (30,000 since turbo) for 2 years.

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I think we need to leave the 910 (80-84) out of the discussion of the 810 (77-79 with a handful sold as 80). I know the difference but Nissan didn't help matters much by badging the first gen Maximas as 810s. I actually seen some that say NISSAN-DATSUN 810-MAXIMA on the trunklid. The car in the middle pic in my signature is what we're discussing.

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I think we need to leave the 910 (80-84) out of the discussion of the 810 (77-79 with a handful sold as 80)...




Basically, no suspension item will interchange between the 810 and the Maxima even though they both utilize rear semi-trailing arms in the rear and struts in the front.


Nissan improved (updated) the handling of the Maxima by modifying the 810's rear camber gain curve, using different dampeners (shock absorbers) all the way around, increasing the tracking width, and changing the front camber and castor angles with different struts.


Other changes include adding rack and pinion power-assisted steering, rear disc brakes and front vented discs, albeit they were a smaller diameter than the 810 solid rotor.

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Just an update:


I pulled the engine last week and mounted it on a stand. Today I pulled the rear suspension clip, and will also remove the front clip within the next couple of days. After that is done, along with removing some panels, I will be able to clean up the body and send it off for media blasting/powder coating, and will begin cleaning up the engine components.

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I am in need of a windshield. Any place to find one? I know they're hard to find, but any information on locating one would be much appreciated
They are virtually impossible to find as the windshield in a 2 dr. is unique and it's the only one that will fit. Luckilly, I've been trhough that so I've done the research. Contact Robi at Glass Seekers/Syosset Glass & Mirror in Syosset, NY. 1-800-345-4527. Ask for a N.A.G.S. #FW403. I'm pretty sure they still has some as they had 6 of them May 2007 when I purchased mine. These are brand new, aftermarket, and I can attest that they fit and work just fine. Don't know if the price would be the same today but they charged me $365 including shipping. They will only ship to a shop, however, so if you have a local glass shop that you like to use, it will have to be shipped there. When I bought mine, or actually when Allstate Insurance Co. bought it, they had 5 more left. Two with the tint at the top and three without. I got one of the ones with tint.


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