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A few pics after my car was all completed, and driven to MSA.

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Here are a few shots of the fairlady after I got her together and we drove 500 miles one way to the MSA show, and autocross. As for the autocross, it needs a LITTLE bit more suspension work on the front to get it where I want it. I used to not be a fan of 2+2's but I gotta say for trips it sure is nice having that extra 12 inches or so, hehe.





























You KNOW you own a z car, when you have to do this, to make it on long trips, when everything doesnt seal right yet.








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Yea fully custom. No kit availible.



Might try to make it to the pavs this weekend, not sure yet though. Maybe if clifton heads out Ill head out. Would like to get the meth installed first.



Thanks for the compliments! Thats what makes all the hard work pay off! :) .

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Let me know about the pavs. I was going to try to check out Daves (AZC) new ride on saturday and maybe mosey on over to andys place to check out the new project. But the Pavs would be an awesome way to end the evening.


Daves car isn't finished but is at his house. I just talked to Andy and he wasn't sure if he is coming back this weekend or next weekend, maybe he'll post up. There is a NASA event this weekend so I won't be at the Pavillions.

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Car looks AWESOME! good luck with them damn turkeys, I spent the last two weekends in a blind and saw a lot of birds, but never got a clean shot, last sunday at 8 p.m. just as I was packing up to leave probably 40 turkeys came to roost in a huge oak tree maybe 75 yards from me, yep, as soon as stepped out of the blind, there they all go!!! go shoot one for me, I owe 'em!


your tape job could have maybe saved me some brain cells over the years. ZCON 2002 trip from Houston to San Antonio in 100* heat comes to mind.

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Well, with some really bad news, I snapped a upper timing chain today, snapped off both snouts of the cams, bent two sets of valves. I have learned my lesson to NOT use junkyard timing chains. I had every intention of changing that old KA chain to a new one, because I never knew how many miles were on it, but now I waited too long. So I will now be taking the head off, and replacing a bunch of crap. Just sucks cause there is ALOT of work in those cams, and it is not like they are everywhere. Yea so a pretty bad day actually. Luckely, it was at an idle, so no block damage was done. I just drove over a thousand miles, racing in another state, etc. And it breaks an eight of a mile from my shop at a stop light!!!!!!

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