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Illinois anyone?!


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I hear ya Man. When I was in college at UIUC and drove my '78 Celica from Oregon, people would ask me if the car was from Russia!?


I've seen some nice Z32's but that's it, and that was ten years ago!


I'm not sure where in Illinois you're located, but I found this: http://www.windycityzclub.com/


Hope this helps...

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Yeah, not too many Z's left in Illinois. The last one I built for a customer, got totaled less than 1 month after hitting the road ) : ... I need to meet some more local IL people. Not sure about the Windy City Z Club yet. Been to a couple of their meets through out the years. Lucky I still have my collection, and hope to have my monster on the road soon.

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Right now I'm in the middle of 3 restorations, a house and about to open up a new shop. So, no time for a house call. If it's drivable enough that you can get it over to glen ellyn, I might be able to take a bit off to help you out.



Hey, I'm in Elmhurst


Can anyone help me adjust my SU's?

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