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IM going to let some lucky guy on this site get a screaming deal if they are close by...






MY brother -in-laws upgrading to a miller mig welder since he found mine is so damn easy and hes been useing it rather than his own welder and HES ask me to find a home for his HOBART STICKMATE 160/235 amp welder that LISTS FOR $608 ,I know for a FACT its a couple years old but has LESS THAN TWO HOURS welding time "TOTAL.. IF THAT"

HE wants $225 and thats firm, but they sell new OCCASIONALLY on EBAY for $300-350 but they are heavy and shipping gets expensive, but list higher in most stores so its a great deal if you live close enought to drive over and pick it up in the south florida area.

this is a good welder for 1/8"-3/8" steel like frames, suspensions,brackets, fabricating cross members and motor mounts, etc and does a decent job on exhausts ETC.


send me a personal message if your interested (Im not making a dime on this, IM just passing on a good deal I can,t use, but that will help someone)

IF Id didn,t already own





ID jump on this myself! as its an excellent first shop welder

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"Perhaps if it wasn't a stick welder!"


TIG, OXY-ACETOLENE and ARC all use "sticks" of some form as a material source and Ive done probably 70% of all my heavier welding with an arc or OXY-ACETOLENE torch so having a good ARC welder in the shops certainly a big help, naturally knowing how to effectively use any welder helps a great deal, and while Ill agree that a MIG welder is easier, or as my welding instructer used to say

" A MONKEY could probably be trained to use a MIG"

its not necessarily the best welder for every application


bits of arc welder info that are useful





btw this might help some of the newer guys


Originally Posted by The Torch

Arc welding electrodes are identified using the A.W.S, (American Welding Society) numbering system and are made in sizes from 1/16 to 5/16 . An The E6011 is not a complete number. It also needs a diameter designation such as "1/8" E6011 electrode."


The rod (electrode) is 1/8" in diameter


The "E" stands for arc welding electrode.


Next will be either a 4 or 5 digit number stamped on the electrode. The first two numbers of a 4 digit number and the first 3 digits of a 5 digit number indicate the minimum tensile strength (in thousands of pounds per square inch) of the weld that the rod will produce, stress relieved. Examples would be as follows:


E60xx would have a tensile strength of 60,000 psi. E110XX would be 110,000 psi


The next to last digit indicates the position the electrode can be used in.


1. Exx1x is for use in all positions

2. Exx2x is for use in flat and horizontal positions

3. Exx3x is for flat welding


The last two digits together, indicate the type of coating on the electrode and the welding current the electrode can be used with. Such as DC straight, (DC -) DC reverse (DC+) or A.C.


* Exx10 DC+ (DC reverse or DCRP) electrode positive.

* Exx11 AC or DC- (DC straight or DCSP) electrode negative.

* Exx12 AC or DC-

* Exx13 AC, DC- or DC+

* Exx14 AC, DC- or DC+

* Exx15 DC+

* Exx16 AC or DC+

* Exx18 AC, DC- or DC+

* Exx20 AC ,DC- or DC+

* Exx24 AC, DC- or DC+

* Exx27 AC, DC- or DC+

* Exx28 AC or DC+


So the E6011 has a tensile strength of 60,000psi, can be used in any position and can be used in either AC ot DC- welding. Basically it is a middle of the road welding rod. that can be used by less experienced welders in a variety od situations since it produces a deep penetrating weld and works well on dirty,rusted, or painted metals. A similar rod is the E6010. It produces similar results but can only be used with DC+ or DCRP (DC Reversed Polarity)


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thats probably a good IDEA (CRAIGS LIST) but selling it was not quite as important to me as giveing a fellow hot rodder first crack at a good deal, hes in no huge rush to sell it, but wants to get some of his money he spent on it back. concidering the shape its in (ALMOST LIKE NEW) its a screaming deal.


home depots sells this and its got LESS capacity for $390





if anyone ELSE decides to sell a decent amp range ,name brand TIG welder ,at a good price, please let me know ,IVE got several friends looking for one

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