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Kustom VQ30DETT Install


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I want to put a 30DETT into my hot rod, 1927 model T. I just want to make sure i am going to have all the parts i need. It is a full kustom car and I want to do something different. Please I don't want to hear it cannot be done or your better off with a SB. It will work perfectly for my application and i love the look/perfomance of this engine over the SB



Engine with turbos exhaust manifold


transfer drive shaft

Wiring harness



mounting brackets



Is there anything else i will need or that would help. Also where is the best place to get a wiring harness and ECU? Does Mega squirt work for this engine? if not what other Stand alone system would you recommend?



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Go MegaSquirt. I don't think anyone here would tell you going with that engine is a bad idea. In fact, I and many others would love to do something like that. I've tossed around the idea of a L28ET dune-buggy, too.


There's no good reason to go with anything other than the Nissan transmission whether you go auto or 5spd.


Get it going soon and take lots of pictures!

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Ya the whole setup only cost $1000 can, which in my opion isn't much at all. I've hada few ppl in the bast on this forum try to tell me not to bother and lol i don't like ppl telling me i can't or should not do things unless it for an actual valid reason :D, lol that would be a dam fast dunebuggy, I'm juts finishing up the body right now, but i will post the pics soon. Any ideas on how to mount the engine securely, I.e. no stress cracks later on and so forth? The real good thing about the motor is its a little bit shorter then the SBC thus give me more leg room in he cockpit. Plus i think a hot rod with an IC sitting out in front of a rad will look kick [@ZZ] p[lus the two turbos if i did my measurements right will stick out just past the hood and will draw fresh col air and it will look awesome with the filters sticking out of both sides of the engine bay.

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uh, just to clear a couple things up, I belieeve you are wanting the CG30DETT, as far as I know the VQ30 didn't come turbo'd, and if you're doign a custome setup on a rod why both er with stcok intercoolers? why not air to water coolers taht you can tuck behind froa rails, and if doing a custome setup why use stock mounts? fab some brackets and use the cheap GM urethane's for a fraction of the cost


and yes you can do a 2 in one out intercooler but the VG30DETT uses twin inlets so you'd then need to split that outlet


no offence but it sounds like this might be a bit much for your skill level based on the questions you are asking

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