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TurboChargers.com Dyno Day - JUNE 7TH $20!

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Hello guys/girls,


My name is John and I'm and employee of turbochargers.com. I've been looking at picking up a Datsun Z project car so I joined the boards. Just wanted to let you guys know we're having a dyno day/car show on June 7th. I'd like to personally invite all Datsun enthusiast to come to the event, bring your cars. Heck, it's only $20 for 3 pulls! I'm too lazy to type up all the details so here's a quote from a post we made on the Houston car forum.


For the extra lazy, the important stuff is in bold.

- Where: Turbochargers.com

...............5410 Burr Oak Drive

...............Houston, Texas 77092

Map/Driving Directions

- When: Saturday June 7, 2008.

- Time: Starting @ 10AM until as late as midnight or so.


Finally, after a lot of talk, I am proud to announce our first dyno day with the new dyno. As you may know, we have just recently purchased and installed a brand new Mustang AWD Dynameter, and we're ready to break it in proper.


In honor of this momentous occasion, we will be offering dyno pulls for $20. Yes, $20. This is for 3 pulls or 2 pulls and 1/4 mile simulation (that's right, on this dyno you can do a true 1/4 run simulation), no wideband. We will charge an extra $10 if your car is retarded low and we have to use special ramps, fork lifts, or any other implement of destruction to get you on the rollers. We can accomodate FWD, RWD, AWD, Diesel Trucks, etc.


We will start this at 10AM, Saturday June 7th. We will stay as late as midnight or so. If there are a ridiculous amount of cars left we will continue on Sunday if the need presents its self.


We will be grilling out, we'll probably raffle some stuff off, and we'll be kicking off our Dyno Shootout, where I'll have a special website showcasing the highest powered cars to touch the rollers. We'll also have prizes for the class winners.


We'll have 2 drums of Race Gas and 1 drum of Methanol on hand for those who want to purchase some to use on their rides.


This is a cash only event. No credit cards, No WIC, No Food stamps.


We are located at 290 and Bingle, on Burr Oak Drive, next to Mustang Cat. More info to follow, as it presents itself. Feel free to post questions, and let us know if you think you might want to come by. I know, nearly a month in advance, and you probably don't make plans more than 2-3 hours ahead.. but I'm not asking you to pay upfront.. ;)

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