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STS rear mount turbo


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I remember last year there were some forum talking about the STS rear mounting turbo systems and how they would never work. I am not converting and not trying to convince anyone these are better but atleast one car has a Huge twin setup running in the trunk and wellll it looks like it works to me.






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My main worry about that blue Z is where the turbo is at. I don't like how it sits at what looks like the lowest point on the car. The car SITS WAY TOO high for my liking but it does look good. I think the only real application would be in a drag car like the stang. That Z has got to be a plumbing nightmare with both exhaust and intake tubing running under the car.


And yea how the hell does the oil feed back to the motor. I'm pretty sure you don't want oil pooled up in the center housing.

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JonGu is correct..


STS uses an external pump which pulls oil (adapter to thread onto the oil filter) and pumps it to the turbo and dumps the return oil into the valve cover. A hole has to be drilled into the valve cover to dump the oil



I was looking into making my own "rear mount turbo" a few years ago and found that the oil pump STS offers is around ~$350





*Note that there is a pressure switch (protective cover not installed) whose function is to trigger a piezo electric buzzer in the event that oil pressure increases and is not being returned to the engine.*

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Will they work, Sure, are they optimum, NO. Turbos opperate off of BTU's, the farther form the heat source, the worse spool is going to be. I had a remote mount turbo on my truck for about a year. When the truck was somewhat cold (only running for about 20 minutes) It would hit 10 lbs at 3500 RPM, and when I got the pipes REALLY hot, it would spool 1200 RPM sooner. My turbo was about 4 feet from the ex manifold. The thing is, is that an exhuast pipe looses alot of heat (btu's) when travled a long ways, so the closer you can keep the turbos to the motor the better.


Remote mount turbos are good for cars that dont have any engine bay room (corvettes, 350z's, etc.) But for cars that you CAN do it in the engine bay, like Early Z cars, there is NO point.

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I've had a turbine wheel let go from the shaft at full boost. It gouged the inside of the housing pretty good but there's no way it's coming through it.


Commercial Turbos you get from Garrett and other manufacturers are set with "Containment" as a primary design criteria. They overspeed and break them to make sure they do NOT frag-out through the casings.


If you saw what they did to those things during testing in the load cels you would be amazed. 45psi Surge, 45psi Surge, 45psi Surge....24/7 till failure. Heat soak tests where they get full exhaust temperature on the turbine wheel against a load for 1 minute to soak it, then immediately a valve switches to chilled air to heat-stress the thing, then back to hot...over and over 24/7 till it fails... Rarely is anything spectacular happening on the commercial turbos, the rpm indicator simply stops and you get an alarm to go in and check out what went 'poof'! Now the racing turbos....those have a metal shield and they watch them via video link from the cel at the REAR of the dyno room, about 25 feet from the operation console! LOL


Those very same commercial turbo cartridges can be put into VERY sexy thinwall aluminum casings, with Titanium Turbine Housings for 'racing only' applications like CART or other uses, but they will not be available over the counter to regular buyers off the street. When they go, things from the inside usually end up on the outside, some distance away from the failure!


I have seen Pallets of containment test turbos at the Garrett Facility in Lomita...they keep them around for loading up the Diesel Trucks for road testing under load. Nothing like a bed full of cast-iron turbo housings, and a car trailer full of crates of the same to put a load on the old 1-Ton Diesels! LOL

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Guest †Edy-ZX†

Is this your Z? Are you "wolf" From mofobucs street racing videos? Iv sean some vids of it and i think its one suite as hell ride!

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