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kinda had to toot my own horn...

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I think thats about as short as you can get with intercooler pipping. The one thing that i have on my set that im not to happy with is i have my iat sensor actually threaded into the manifold so im not sure how accurate it is... i want to take the piping back off and take it to my welder to have him weld in a iat bung right before the tb.


Im also thinking that i should lower my intercooler to get it into more fresh air or i need to ad some ducting to get the air to the intercooler better. what do you think?


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I don't think his pipe routing is the issue.


Have a look at this thread jeff:



If i had to look for any one marker, i'd look at the size of that intercooler. CFD analysis on that type of intercooler has shown it will recycle hot air across the 1st few rows without proper inside ducting. I think that may be what is happening to you.


The readings for the mild steel piped car in the linked thread above are from the GM IAT sensor being mounted in the intake manifold, right where the cold start injector use to be.


By my groups standards, that mild steel car runs too hot all the time, and picks up too much heat under boost. It still is clocking in at least 10 degree's cooler than your car under full tilt boogie.


Given the shape of your intercooler, i could see air pouring around it, as opposed to the other thread where at least for the 2 cars i tested, the intercoolers are 12x24x3" cores that are snugged up right against the face of the core support to create a big heat exchange sandwhich with the radiator.


Moving it down into the airstream a bit could help, but i believe you'll see bigger gains if you duct it out about 6" or so, basically a big retainer wall to keep the air filing through the core instead of spilling over the end tanks.


Go down to a local supply store, pick up some cheap roofing flash tin, and cut yourself up a mock up duct ram setup, take some aluminum flash tape, affix it to the intercooler, and go do some test runs logging. If it reduces IAT's by the end of your run, make a real one. If not, junk the idea and start considering a larger IC or Meth/Alky injection.

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Flip my intercooler pipe around? Why would i do that? so it makes it longer?? What would that serve?


I think he is going on the principal of hot air raises. So if your hot side was on top and your cold side was on bottom, you would get a colder charge. I'm not sure if it would really make that much of a difference in this case though.

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Every little bit can surely help. It's not just the heat inside the intercooler, but the fact that there is a radiant heat coming from the bottom end-tank and rising to warm the top one from the outside. It's trivial and it may make no appreciable difference, but it would HAVE to have some effect, right?



So the air passing over or around the end tank can't have a cooling effect? ;)


I'm also waiting to here some details on what was done to the engine to "toot the horn".

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