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Aluminum Radiators

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azc makes their living shipping parts, whereever you got the idea they wouldn't is way off base, that being said, the azc unit hangs kinda low on the early s30 chassis and I don't care for the fit of the hoses they recmend, I went back to stock I was so unhappy with the azc unit, it's also thicker than stock which leaves even less clearance for an electric fan, which is already tight in the s30, if you can I highly recoment sticking whith the mechanical fan

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There's also an aluminum Z rad on ebay, for $209 + $25 shipping! I know nothing about it, just that it seems very inexpensive.


Anybody know more?


They have the following specs:

For 70-75 240-260Z up to 500hp cooling guaranteed


Core Dimensions: 13-3/4" x 23 3/4" (2 row core)

Upper inlet: 1 5/16" located on drivers side.

Lower outlet: 1 5/16" located on passenger side.

Trans cooler: included

OEM mount system

Drain petcock


Sounds like a steal. But there is no free lunch...

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