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How much do the rims on the yellow Z go for? They are nice


They are custom, so for a 16x10 the cost is $875 per wheel! The cost goes down for the 16x7 and 16x8, the will run you $430 per wheel. I'm trying to find 16x10 to 16x11.5 ones that look the same and hopefully are of the same quality. Anyone know where to look? Thanks.


This person did an awsome job on his car and the wheels look like Boyd Coddington ETs, are they?


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We would like post titles to be descriptive enough so that people don't have to open the thread to know what it is about. Please be more descriptive next time.


Jon; I thought about that before I posted the thread but I didn't know what type of wheels they were so I just typed 'Wheels.' I guess I could have typed: 'Anyone know what wheels these are...', I will have to ponder it further in the future.



whats on the blue one?


Silent; These look to be 13" FX Wheels.




Same wheels. They used to be on the lime Z...



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What is the username of the person who now owns those wheels? I have it right on the tip of my tongue and can't remember.


Those are some nice wheels, I was second in line to buy them after him.




The Lime Car is Mike (Z-Gad) Car. I'm pretty sure those were BC wheels, but I thought he sold them.


I thought I saw a post before but couldn't find it.

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The wheels on the yellow Z, use to belong to Majik16106 (Ronin), I was interested in purchasing them and I think it is Z-Gad? who was first in line. They were on Majik16106's Black Z , I think he was working on a Toyota engine swap. The wheels are 17 x 10 in back, I do not remember the front size. They were custom made at Boyd Coddington's before American Racing began making Boyd Wheels. The fronts are 17 x 8 !!!


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