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the start of the B.customs Z has begun..2jz 1000hp

Overkill Z

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Hey guys just wanted to tell you all I have started tear down of my JDM 2jz motor. I have my turbo on its way and already started my list. Im Building the motor to 1000hp specifications and working closely with titan motorsports for the build.

Bought list

t70 turbonetics gtk-850 duel ceramic ball bearing turbo

Ryan woon Exhaust manifold

Bog bore titan polished Plenum

lighten pully kit

hks cam gears

oil feed lines

few other things.



left to buy list.


beta motorsports engine mount crossmember/tranny mount $350

titanuium valve springs $400

port and polish head $0

Cut and grind valves $0

hks cam shafts $1000

Aem ems fuel managment $1800

Titan motorsports 1.6mm head gasket $350

sard 1000cc injectors $800

Sard High rise fuel rail $300

arp stud kit $150

6speed tranny $4000

Clutch $1800

Flywheel $350




much more



well i have a long expenssive road ahead LOL but the end result its going to be worth it.

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An update: the water jet guy has the drawings for the crossmember plates. I'll let you know when I get the cut parts.


sweet i still need to get my rear sump pan they are friggn hard to track down! also make sure mine is extra strong i really am planning to hit 1000hp now. instead of the 600 i told you

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Where's my shout out?! JK!


I can get you some of the parts on that list, give me a call tomorrow.


-John (I sold you that turbo)


i would like to give a SHOUT OUT to John at turbochargers.com who helped me out with my turbo. oh and i did get that free boost guage from kiesha :)

Is that a good shout out john? lol

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lame...anyways and update on the B.customs Z...i took it to the porche dealership (because they have a amazing 4 point scale). I want to see how much of a differance the 2jz swap really does to the cars handeling performance.

I got the Z checked out and was blown away!!!!

The tech said that the Z has a better wieght distrabusion then a PORCHE GT!!!! here are my specs BEFORE the 2jz goes in.


FRONT LEFT ------------648LBS

TOTAL FRONT -----------1300LBS

FRONT RIGHT------------650LBS





REAR LEFT ----------644LBS

TOTAL REAR --------1305LBS

RIGHT REAR--------661LBS




The guys at porche were blown away... god i love Z cars lol

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yes im still in the process of building the 2jz in my shop. The head is off the block and i was able to inspect everything. The cylinder walls are in great shape and still have the factory cross honing done! The head gasket is in good shape as well, so the motor seems to be a heathy buy. This week im going to port and polish the head and 3 angle cut the valves. I also plan to order the titanium valve springs, seals and cams.

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That is almost exactly the same set-up I had planned for my car.... Looking good I don't think I will be shooting for that much power though I plan on staying around 750 with nitrous and race fuel. One question I don't see anywhere that your building your block are you going to aim that high on the stock block? Also I may be interested in the mount kit and would be interested to see some pictures of that.

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Are you looking for 1000 at the wheels or crankshaft...

That is a nice number to throw out there, but I would take into consideration what you intend to do with the car before you throw a bunch of parts together. The guys at Titan are good people and very knowledgeable when it comes to the 2JZ engines, but they are a business first and will be happy to sell you anything you want, even if it is not what will work best in your application... With a 1000 rwhp 2JZ, don't expect to have much power below 5500 rpm's. Somewhere between 5500 and 6000, you'll have an on-off switch for your power band. I am not trying to pursuade you NOT to build a 1000 hp 2JZ, in fact that is where I hope to be in the next few months, just wanting you to get EXACTLY what you want out of your 2JZGTE Z :)


Anyway, I don't see pistons and rods on your list...

I believe rods are highly recommended for 800+ rwhp, or are you looking at crankshaft hp...

I am not too familiar w/ the GTK series turbos, but you may need something in the 76mm or larger to reach a 1000 rwhp goal. I hope to have mine back on the road with in the next month and to be able to start tuning with the 88mm turbo :)

Chassis stiffening, rear end and GOOD BRAKES are a must as well. Going fast is great, but you have to be able to stop!!

Enjoy the build, I enjoyed mine ALMOST as much as I enjoy driving it...



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ya im going for a 1000 crank power...and I have built a supra up for the shop(793 crankhp). so i know about the turbo lag but its not going to be a straight drag car and the GTK series is a new product from turbonetics. Im going to be trying it out because i hear good things. its supposed to be a extremely fast spooling turbo and capable of huge amounts of boost (we will see). The car is going to be a show car first and an advertising tool second, Of course its going to be a toy 3rd. As for the Rods i was told by titan reps that i dont need any bottem end work for 1000hp. I expected to need more things but titan narrowed it down for me.

Im building the motor to 1000hp capabuilitys but i honestly dont ever plan to run it that high except for dyno pulls or any unsespecting lamorgini lol. Anything over 600hp without drag slicks is pretty much usless in such a light car anyways.

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whats your set up zgad?


Where should I start..

Bottom end is stock crank, Eagle rods, Ross 8:1 pistons, stock metal headgasket, 1/2 inch Ford headstuds, +1mm stainless Ferrea valves, Crower springs and retainers, shimless buckets, Crower 280 cams, tons of portwork, Greddy T88H manifold Greddy Type C wastegate, Precision PT-88 turbo, 4" dp and exhaust, custom Thagard intercooler, 3" turbo to intercooler, 3.5" intercooler to intake, 4" throttlebody, Veilside copy manifold with tons of portwork done also (it flowed like crap before the portwork), 1200 cc injectors, twin GSL-392 Walbros with voltage booster, -10 a/n line to engine bay, splitting to 2 -8 a/n lines feeding each end of the rail with -6 a/n center return, Electromotive TEC2 previously (installing a TEC3 now) ...


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Boy, there sure seems to be a fascination with 1000hp on the Internet lately. Nice, big round number, I suppose. I am old-school (and old :D) and have a hard time understanding why anyone would spend so much money to make 1000hp if they are never (and in some cases, be unable) to use it. You certainly do not need 1000hp for a show car and you certainly do not need 1000hp in a Z-car to beat a Lamborghini or beat any car for that matter. Now, the dyno, that's a different story and like I said, I am old school and think most Supra owners use that as bragging rights. One of these days i will tell you about the Orlando-based Supra that had "1000HP" for his tag and could barely get into the low-10s and he was a drag racer.


Any Z-car owner who has aspirations of a 1000hp street car needs to come to the track and stand a couple of feet from Z-Gad's car and watch it launch and run down the track. I cringe every time! And, he is only :rolleyes: making about 1000hp at the crank, for now! I am probably 100hp behind in a car weighing about 300# more. We both street drive our cars but I can tell you, with a healthy dose of respect and awareness of the power and that we are only a foolish crack of the throttle away from........... I see what young kids do today with their 200hp ricers and do'nt even want to think of a 1000hp Z-car, or 800hp or 600hp doing those antics.


So, if the car will never see the strip, why 1000hp? Only reason I see is to play the "mine is bigger than yours" dyno game with the Supra crowd. Ironically, with a Z-car having about 800# less weight than a Supra, no need to play that game :D A 600+rwhp Z-car with street tires is downright dangerous (contrary to the infamous Darius vids) and with the right tires will annihilate just about anything on the street and not need a $6000 6-spd/clutch to do it :D.


OK, I will stop before hybridZers start bashing me. Good luck with your project and PLEASE be careful AND DOUBLE PLEASE, add to your list: a cage (6-pt at a minimum), all the necessary safety equipment, suspension upgrades and last but not least, the BEST brakes you buy. Remember, the S30 was designed for 164hp!!!!!

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LOL thanks scottie..no worries man i may be a young kid compared to you (i dont kno how old u are) but Im not goinna do something stupid. Yes im doing a full roll cage in the car as well and a custom paintjob. I even plan to roll cage the engine bay around the motor. But i heard somewhere thats illeagle on the track???

Im tryn to win some shows here buy building a truley amazing and unusual car. Its going to be a showcase to how much detail and care we put into our customer cars here at B.customs.

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