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Well, this particular forum seems a bit sparse, so how about we discuss the possibility of a totally insane VG powered AWD Z32?



As the title suggests, I'm starting research and planning on converting my Z32 into an AWD. The goal is to keep the torquey VG engine, which is obviously going to provide plenty of challenges! I know an RB26DETT or VQ35 AWD swap might be easier, but the goal right now is to figure out if this can be done with the VG.


Obviously there will be a lot of measuring and modifying to make this work (luckily I have access to tonnes of used Nissan parts and shells)! I'm open to any input anyone has in terms of building an AWD VG30 Z32 (if you have ideas on other engines, please keep them confined to other threads ;) ).


If anyone knows of any model of Nissan that used the VG30 engine and had an oil pan with an integrated front diff, that would obviously be helpful! I'll be searching through Nissan FAST and Parts Master to see if I can find any other parts that might make things easier!


Here are my initial thoughts on parts and work required, based largely on using R32 GT-R front driveline parts and modifying them for the Z32:


- Fit R32 GT-R front wheel hubs to the Z32.

- Fit R32 GT-R front cross member to the Z32.

- Modify R32 cross member and build engine mounts for the VG30 engine.

- Modify R32 GT-R oil pan/front diff to fit VG30 block.

- Modify VG30 oil pickup to fit customized GT-R pan.

- Modify R32 front axles for length if needed.

- Modify R32 transmission bell housing as needed.

- Modify R32 transmission bell housing for starter as needed.

- Modify transmission tunnel to provide space for the R32 transfer case.

- Swap rear diff gears to R32 GT-R ratio.

- Install G sensor and diff controller.

- Modify Z32/R32 rear driveshaft to fit.


Anything else I'm forgetting (I'm sure there is), or any other suggestions in terms of AWD parts from other Nissan's that might work better than the R32 GT-R front diff?


Thanks for any input!



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you may have more success attempting to use an awd system from a wrx as opposed to a gtrs attessa. the attessa is finicky and also not a full time awd system while the wrx drivetrain has been swapped into older generation subarus with little trouble. Also if you go with an STI drivetrain, you can use the torque split function to control the amount of power going to the front and rear wheels.

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the subaru drivetrain won't fit in a z32 because the motor sits in front of the the front wheel centerline. the skyline front subframe can work with the z32 with a little modification. its been done before with an rb26 (http://www.youtube.com/user/deivernj) so im sure one could do it with the vg30 with the parts i mentioned in my last post.

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Well, this particular forum seems a bit sparse, so how about we discuss the possibility of a totally insane VG powered AWD Z32?




When you say an AWD Z32 I first Imagine this, The Nissan MID4, although it's naturally aspirated It's still a beast. I think I've only heard of two z32's that are AWD, one project (https://www.youtube.com/user/deivernj). The creation of an AWD Z32 is a phenomenal idea. If anyone manages to do it please let me know. 


**edit** p.s. Actual videos of one driving and working, please.

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